• Investing with a “margin of safety” is the key to protect and grow your wealth.

    The world’s greatest investors buy shares of wonderful companies only when get a discount to fair value. When you understand this concept of “margin of safety,” it can make a huge difference to the safety and returns of your portfolio.

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  • Our value strategies are based on over 25 years of research and testing.

    The long term secret to successful investing is simple. Find out what a business is worth and then pay less. We do this for you with no hidden fees, sales commissions, and surrender charges.

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  • Get an unbiased, second opinion and a FREE portfolio review.

    We will give you a no-obligation, objective, second opinion on your current investment holdings. We will make suggestions to help you improve your portfolio and avoid unnecessary fees or costs.

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A Win-Win Approach

No commissions since 1993.

I can help you avoid the conflicts of interest that exist throughout the investment and financial planning industry. For example, years ago I met an agent in California who bragged to me about investing ...

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A Tested Strategy

What works on Wall Street.

On June 27, 1988, Forbes Magazine published an article by David Dreman, a New York money manager. This article helped me be a better investor, and it can help you. It outlined a 25 ...

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7 Ideas to help boost returns

These ideas can help you grow and protect your capital and income. The world’s most successful investors know the difference between price and value. When a business is worth $50 per share and you ...

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